The Hand Carved Crib Figures

The revival of a long forgotten form of presentation of the nativity scene became Hans and Regina Klucker's passion, soon after receiving the Bavarian State Award their flagship: clad crib figures.

What makes it unique is the hybrid form of the materials used: heads, midsection and limbs are being carved from wood, while the extremities get sculpted from wrapped brass in order to attain flexibility. Lastly, the figures are being clad in fine fabrics. The liveliness and versatility of this form of crib presentation provides endless possibilities for creating different scenes as well as cultural and epochal contexts.


In order to create individual characters in the crib, we start with producing sketches:


First on paper, later three-dimensionally modelled with plasticine. Using a perfect model is indespensable when reaching for the chisel.


Because once something has been cut off, is is impossible to revise.

In order to make the drapery of the crib figure clothing look natural and dynamic, we fold every single crease with needle, thread and paste here in Oberammergau.


Otherwise, the fabric would look stiff considering the size of the figures.


Only the finest fabrics are suitable for this art.


Basilika Kloster Ettal Weihnachtskrippe

During Christmas time, many church communities commemorate the birth of Christ in front of one of our nativity scenes:

In the Munich Liebfrauendom for example, the arch Bishop carries "our" life-sized Baby Jesus to the crib, 

in the Ettal Basilica (Link) and

the Wieskirche (Link) believers pray in front of "our" orientally clad nativity scene and

in the mighty Bonner Münster (Link) our custom-made modern characters help introduce churchgoers to the timeliness of the Christmas story.


Examples of our Nativity Scenes